I've Gone to the Dark Side

First things first, I just got back from a family dinner at Olive Garden - one of my all time favorite places to eat. It was fun, as always. For once me and my siblings got along the whole time, too. Sucess! Haha.
Anyway, on to the point of this post. I dyed my hair!! Well, my mom dyed it. But anyway, she did it a few hours ago after a lot of begging from me yesterday night. It's not like very, very dark or anything - but it is darker than my natural hair color. I'll take and post some pictures of my new hair color as soon as possible.

In other news; I wont be going to school tomorrow, and neither will my siblings. Tomorrow we have to get new ID cards and also my dad has his Reinlistment Ceramony (Spell Check! Lol) tomorrow. Only four more years and he'll be out of the navy for good. Bad thing about this is that my whole family will be moving soon. We're trying to get them to move us to Florida. We were trying for Hawaii at first, but the navy said no :(
Also, homecoming dance tomorrow! Both me and Kourtni are super excited for it.

By the way, I went out and bought my homecoming dress and all that yesterday. Tomorrow once I get ready my mom is going to take pics of me and Kourtni together all dressed up and stuff - I'll try to remember to post pictures of that aswell.

So, that's it. Ta, ta for now, bitches! :)


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