Is She Actually Serious

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My mom says she's going to have me start seeing a counselor. I don't know why she puts it like that. I know she means I'll basically be seeing a therapist.
I have only one say in the matter: male or female?
Just wondering, if your a girl, would you choose to have a male or female therapist?
I still haven't decided.

Anyway, I'm starving. All I had for lunch today was some french fries my friend treated me to during lunch period at school today. Megan is awseome.
I'm gonna go try to find something to eat downstairs in the kitchen. If not I may just walk across the street to Arby's and/or Food Lion.


I Need To Make Up My Mind

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Another new layout. Any comments?


How Seriously Annoying

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My mom basically encourages Logan to go around saying all males are better than all females. Maybe not encourage, but she acts like she thinks it's okay.
I understand he's entitled to his own opinion, but if he's going to stand there and purposly say something about how males are better than females just to piss me off, then it's not okay. He can have his own opinion, and I will respect it, so long as he doesn't use said opinions to be rude towards me or anyone else - and also as long as he respects my opinions in return - which he doesn't. No one in this house respects my opinions.

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