I Don't Know What to Title This Post

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Let's see...today was boring as hell!
But Intro to Design was pretty fun today. All we did all day was work on banners and posters for the homecoming parade this Saturday - which, in my case, is a lot more fun than sewing and stuff like that. I much prefer to draw or sketch or paint or something.
What else...um...oh! Today in lunch my friend Becka just started hysterically laughing out of no where. Which made everyone else, including moi, start laughing hysterically aswell. So funny. It still makes me giggle just thinking about it.
Hm....I'm texting Kourtni, Josh, Corey, Brandon, Ariel, and Melanie right now. Thank God Josh finally texted me back this morning. Thank God, thank God, thank God.
In other news, me and Kourtni are going to my homecoming dance together. The dance is this friday night. I wasn't going to go at first but then Kourtni brought up the idea of her coming with me, of course I couldn't turn down that offer. Me and K can have fun in even the most boring or annoying circumstances.
I'm going shopping for my homecoming dress and shoes and all that later today, with my mommy. Kourtni might be coming too; if her mom gets home from work early enough, that is.

So, yeah...that's about all I have to update you guys on. I might post some more pictures later, though.


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