Wish I Was Still Sleeping

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It is currently almost 7:30am, and although this is a lot later than I normally wake-up on a school day, I wish to death I was still sleeping. I'm not really all that tired, I'm just in one of those moods, you know? Well, maybe you don't know. Oh well.
Everyone in my family is getting ready for that reinlistment ceramony I told you about in my post yesterday. In my opinion, this ceramony sounds super boring. In fact, I bet you anything it will be boring. Guess it's a good thing I have friends brave enough to text during class - so I'll have some people to text.
Homecoming tonight, as I'm sure anyone who has been reading my posts knows already. I think my mom is thinking about taking me out to get my hair professionally done. I want it curled, just because it would be something different from my normal look - as if dying my hair wasn't different enough. Lol.
PS: I just took that picture. Sorry it's so dark, I have my lamp set to the lowest setting and my curtains are closed - plus I didn't want the flash on because it's too bright and I was still adjusting to being awake. You might be able to kinda tell that I've dyed my hair - but I'll have better pictures later so you can see the color better. I promise :)


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