First Day of the Hell We Call School

Today was my first day of school. First day is a new school. First day of being in high school (9th grade, I'm a Freshman).
And as far as first days go, it was really good. I saw and talked to a bunch of my old friends, made a couple new friends, and made it to all my classes on time - except for my first period class.
Unfortunatly my bus to take me to school was late getting to the school after it made all the stops because it was raining and there was traffic, so the rain acctualy added to the traffic. But I was only late for my first class by less than 5 minutes, and since it wasn't my fault I obviously didn't get marked Late.
And then me and a few of my friends missed our bus to go home because we didn't get a chance to talk throughout the whole day. So as soon as the Release bell rang we met up in the halls and got to talking, next thing we know we've missed out busses. Haha. That's so us. But I am home now - I had to call Ethan to come pick me up since his school day was the only one that ended before mine.
Speaking of Ethan, oddly enough him and I are friends now. You would think after the way our relationship ended we wouldn't even speak to each other. But yeah, we do. We are texting each other all the time now. But I am staying purely friends with him, that's for sure.
Maybe within the next few posts I'll share some more info about my school and schedule, you know, stuff like that.


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