School Schedule *Updated!*

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At my high school we have A Days and B Days (For those of you that don't know what those are you can contact me via Stardoll and I'll explain). So here is my schedule:

A Days:
Block 1A - English 9, Watson, Room 945
Block 2A - Algebra 1, Pangilinan, Room 712
Block 3A - Lunch/Study, Dias, Room 214
Block 4A - World History/Geo 1, Campbell, Room 211

B Days:
Block 1B - Health & PE 1, Moore, Room 503
Block 2B - Earth Science, Doan, Room 405
Block 3B - Lunch/Study, Brown, P-4 (Portable 4)
Block 4B - Intro to Design 1, Hendricks, 300B

And that's not even lncluding all the different clubs and shit I signed up for. I have drama, yearbook commitee, track, and band. But band wont be starting untill the middle of the school year.
And I also have activities I signed up for that have nothing to do with school. I go to the local rec center for swimming lessons (I know how to swim, I'm just working at getting better and faster), I take ballet at a center all the way across town, and me and a few of my friends are setting up a local charity too.

So yeah, I am definitely a lot more busy now that school has started. But I suppose that's a good thing, too. I wont have time to be bored those very rare ocassions when I am.


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