Borderline Personality Disorder

Today I was not at school, and instead was at a 5-hour long appointment with the therapist I started going to last year, and also my family's doctor was there.
For the past two years it has become obvious I suffer from something along the lines of Depression or Bipolar Disorder, or etc.
And today's appointment was to find out exactly what disorder/disease so I could be treated for it. And the results are: Borderline Personality Disorder.
I don't really feel like sitting here and explaining what it is, so go Google it, fuckers. I'm not gonna waste my time typing something when you could just find out about it yourself.

Anyway, bet many of you would have never even guessed I suffer from any type of personality/emotional disorder. You thought wrong. There are a lot of things people don't know about me or my life. A lot of things happened in the past two years that no one could begin to understand. And a lot of things I don't plan on ever sharing with any of you. So that's that.


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