Jesus Gawd, Moi

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I just realized I curse (cuss) a hell of a lot. Like, it's not even just on this blog. Everytime I type something it includes one bad word no matter what the site is.
And in real life in every sentence or so I cuss, although never in front of my parents. The worst things I say in front of my parents are 'crap', 'hell', and 'freaking' - otherwise I would be in for SUPER LONG lecture about not cussing, and I really don't want to hear it because either way I'll continue saying the things I do. I'm so fucking bad. Lmfao.
But like seriously, I have the mouth of a sailor as my grandpa would say if he knew about my cussing.
I need to cut back on how often I cuss because I've even started to do it in front of my 6 year old little sister.
I say that now, but we all know deep down I'll continuing cussing just as much as I please.


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