The Small, Kinda Re-Cap of Yesterday

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*Pictures were taken two days ago. I meant to post them yesterday, but my dad had my laptop. Better late than never, I guess! :)*

I cam home from school a bit early yesterday. I felt about ready to throw up...thankfully, I never did! I hate throwing up, along with coughing and a lot of other stuff. Lol. I seriously fell alseep sometime before, I think, 5pm. Then woke up again around 7pm, then again at almost 1am. And then I finally woke up again at around 6am (a little over an hour ago), but this time I'm staying up fo good. I'm currently watching The Clique (movie), drinking lemonade, and eating ritz peanut butter crackers. All at 7am on a Saturday morning. I need to find something to do...like fast. Lmao. Peace, darlings!


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