My Secret...I Love To Bake!

Helping my mom bake like 8 different kinds of breads and muffins for my younger siblings' school carnival thiny tomorrow.
We're still only on the first one, which means we'll be up all night baking.
But I'm not complaining. I want to help my mom, I don't want to go to bed anyway, I love to bake, and it means I also get to watch my mom try to figure out how to use the new camera she just bought a few hours ago.
BTW, I'm typing this from my mom's laptop. For some reason my dad decided to take MY laptop to work with him. Which I really, REALLY hate because now I wont get to use my own laptop untill sometime tomorrow...maybe. I just wish people could at least ask before taking my laptop. I am trying to work on Poison Magazine, Poison Fashion Week, and getting a new Poison Media Management website open on Freewebs...but now I'm behind by a lot because I couldn't get on my laptop to do anything today. Which sucks, because now I'll be late opening/releasing all these things. Ugh...

Anyway, off to go bake some more. Toodles, biotchs :)


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