Flames To Dust, Lovers To Friends

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I wanna get up outta this place
Fly away someplace where the grass is greener
Where no one judges you
Where you can be yourself all the time
I just wanna get out of here
Time to move my ass to a new place
I can't deal with this anymore
I have to keep putting up with it, though
Can't give up yet
Tomorrow is a new day
So let us see what the sun will bring with it
I need some more time to decide
Decide if getting away will work out
If it is really the right choice

-Poem written by moi. DO NOT STEAL. DO NOT USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I will papercut anyone who freaking steals this! I will hunt you down, and papercut you to death! I swear to God and all that is holy, I will. So, JUST DON'T STEAL MY POEM!!!


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