I'm So Bad Sometimes It Hurts

I got my first cell phone violation in school today. And it wasn't even my fault. My "friend" Katherine, who I sit next to in 4th Block on B Days (Intro to Design) took my cell phone out of my back jeans pocket and started texting someone or checking something online or whatever, and then when I was trying to put the phone back into my pocket the teacher chose that exact momment to look over.
So instead of Katherine getting in trouble, I did. Because it was my phone and she only saw me with it. So then the teacher took my phone away.
The punishment for having a phone on, in use, or on display during school hours on school grounds is that you can't pick your phone up from the school's main office untill after school the next day (which means they keep your phone for 24 hours), only your parent/guardian can pick up the phone. And I could quite possibly get 1 day of ISS (in school suspension), which if I do get it, means I'll be in ISS on Monday.
Basically, I'm getting punished for something my so-called friend did. How annoying and sucky. I just really hope I don't get ISS because that goes on my permenant school record - which would be bad come looking into/applying to colleges time.


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