It's Official - I. Hate. PE.

So today was all good. Got up after waking up multiple times the night before - but that's nothing new. Went to school. It was fine, as always. Corey sat with me and my other friends at lunch today - very awseome.
The day was perfectly fine and normal. Untill right after school.
Today was the day I made up my missed PE work. To make it up I had to walk a mile. Like, I know people are like whatever. That's not that bad. For those of us with knee problems, who hate the cold weather, hate walking a lot, and get bored easily - it sucks. Big time, mother chuckers.
Thankfully my dad agreed to walk the mile with me - since he was there with me to make sure I made up my PE work properly.
Another good point is on the way home my dad stopped and let me spend the 5 dollars he had just paid me on food from Wendy's. I facking j'adore the fast food place, for anyone who didn't know.
But like, by the time I was done walking the mile (that's 4 times around the track, in case you didn't know) I was about to pass out. I was ready to just hit the ground and everything. Pass. Out. No lie. Lol.

So, yeah. Anyway, now me and my mommy are about to go out shopping :)


I hate running the mile, too! Thank goodness I don't have to in homeschool.:)

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