This Made Me Cry

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That is a PrintScreen of an email my Grumpy (grandpa, my mom's dad) sent me yesterday night. And after reading the first few sentences I started to cry. Like, CRY. There we high amounts of tears, I was sniffling, my face got red, etc, etc, etc. Some of the tears were happy, others were sad.
I think you'd have to understand and actually know everything I've been through in the past two years to understand why reading that email would make me cry. You might understand the happy tears, but I can imagine not many would fully understand why reading that would make me so sad.
Now I'm just really sad and now I've read that email well over ten times. And every time I read it I start to cry. God, I'm so emotional sometimes. Haha.
I need to do something to cheer myself up. I can't be all upset and stuff when I go back to school tomorrow!
OMG! This is my last day of freedom! Ahhhh! Lmao. Now I seriously need to cheer the fuck up. I can't spend my last day of Summer Vacation crying and sulking around thinking about that email and the past two years of events.
I think this is the longest post I've ever made on this blog. So I guess I'll shut-up now and go back to texting Corey and Emily.


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