Ugh; Save Me Now

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I feel like death re-incarnated. I'm sick. Have been since last night. Been sleeping all day, although waking up every two hours or so. Have only gotten out of bed to help my mom sort some of our VHS tapes, and just an hour ago to get a little something to eat since I hadn't eaten anything in about 24 hours.
My throat hurts like hell; I keep coughing almost every time I move; every bone, muscle, or otherwise is majorly beyond sore; I have a really bad headache, too.
Worst part is that I still have to go to school tomorrow no matter how I'm feeling - I've already missed too many days this semester.
I'm going back to bed now. Beyond tired still, despite how I've been sleeping almost constantly the past 24 hours or so.
I definitely hope I'm feeling a bit better tomorrow. I hate being sick.


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