So Funny, I Died Laughing

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I'm a little late telling this story, but here goes:

The other day during lunch in school I was sitting with my friends TJ, Brittney, and Megan. Brittney is being harassed by this one kid in our school, Max. He's like calling her a man, ugly, fat, etc - it's really quite horrible because Brit is an awseome person.
So anyway, Max comes up for the millionth time that lunch period as he always does on A Days and drops off a nasty note/picture for Brit to read.
This millionth time that he walked up the other day, TJ got pissed.
He stood up and was all like, "Cracker, go back to your seat!"
It was SOOOO funny! Everyone at our table was hysterically laughing after that.
For those that don't know, cracker is like the name for white people. You know, like nigga/nigger (I'm not calling ANYONE that. I'm just saying. No offence is meant to anyone by that word.) is the word for black people.
So like usually only black people call white people cracker, but now TJ just called another white person a cracker - it was hilariously funny. Because he just got upset and said that out of no where.
I can not even BEGIN to describe just how funny it really was. You HAD to be there to really, really understand.
Anyway, now I'm laughing my ass off again. Good times, good times...


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