A Little More Info About Classes

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Here is a little bit more information about my school classes, as promised in the post with my schedule.

A Day:
English 9 - The English curriculum is based on the following units; Writing Portfolio Overview, The Short Story, The Novel, Nonfiction, Poetry, The Epic, and Drama.
Algebra 1 - It is designed to help students understand the basic structure of algebra and acquire proficiency in applying algebraic concepts and skills. Topics include equations, inequalities, polynomails, statistics, functions, graphs, and systems of equations.
World History/Geo 1 - Historical development of Western and non-Western cultures from the Prehistoric to the Renaissance.

B Day:
Health & Gym 1 - Focuses of the development of complex movement skills, cognitive understanding of movement principles, and the development of personal fitness plans.
Earth Science - Oceanography, Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Enviromental Issues.
Intro to Design 1 - The study of interior, fashion, and landscape design. Will focus on the basics of what needs to be done to complete a certain design.


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