The Day of A Busy Bee

What I did today (In order of course)::

4:30am: Finally fell alseep
6am: Woke up by my mom messing with my Blackberry just to get me up.
7:45am: Left with my mom to go get me registered for school (Taking along my younger siblings)
9am: Left the high school officially registered for 9th grade
9:30am: Went to Wal-Mart so my mom could buy the little kids some more school supplies (I ended up buying myself two bras, a shirt, and some lipstick. Lol)
11am: Went to Target for more school supplies. (This time I bought myself a magnetic white board calender thingy for my wall, post-it notes, a sign thing for my wall, a school bag, and two binders)
12:45pm: Went to IHOP for lunch. Got french toast with scrambled eggs and two slices of bacon. It was good. Haha.
1:30pm: Went to Payless Shoe Source for shoes for Logan (I bought myself yet another pair of shoes. I have a shoe fettish)
2pm: Went home finally. My mom and CJ left shortly after for CJ's school Open House.
4pm: My mom came back for Logan since him and CJ had baseball practice back-to-back.
5:45: Left with Caleb and my dad for my school's Open House
5:50: Dropped a jacket off with my mom because she asked us too. Caleb decided to stay with her.
6:05pm: Arrived at my school, five minutes late for the start of the Open House. Haha
8:10pm: Finally the Open House ended
8:20pm: Got home and at dinner. Steak with green beans and white corn
9pm: Went over all the papers from the Open House with my mom
10pm: Finally got to log onto the computer for the first time all day. First thing I did was check Stardoll, like most days
11:20pm: Writing this blog post


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