I Get So Tired of This

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I woke up three times in the middle of the night last night. To throw up. I was still feeling so horrible when I had to wake up for school that I didn't go. A big thank you to my mom for that. I seriously don't think I could have made it through the day.
But I didn't just get to sit around all day. I had to help my mom un-pack Christmas decorations and clean and such. And she took my laptop and phone away. She still has my phone for a few more hours, but I got my laptop back about an hour ago.
Anyway, I'm babysitting CJ and Logan right now because my dad is out of town, in Nevada, for work. And my mom had to take Caleb to Basketball practice.
Watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' on TV and eating dinner. Ham, corn, and rolls with Nutella on them. Yummy. Lol.


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