How Seriously Annoying

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My mom basically encourages Logan to go around saying all males are better than all females. Maybe not encourage, but she acts like she thinks it's okay.
I understand he's entitled to his own opinion, but if he's going to stand there and purposly say something about how males are better than females just to piss me off, then it's not okay. He can have his own opinion, and I will respect it, so long as he doesn't use said opinions to be rude towards me or anyone else - and also as long as he respects my opinions in return - which he doesn't. No one in this house respects my opinions.


Not to be rude, but your mom shouldn't allow that.
Wait till he grows up and treats women like trash.
Is he older/younger than you?

I don't think your being rude at all - I totally agree.
He's younger than me. All my siblings (Logan, Calysta aka: CJ, and Caleb) are younger than me. Except for I have a half-sister that is 5 years older than me.

I understand you totally. My brother is rude to me, but calls me 'retarded' And when I tell my mom she does nothing about it.

I don't have any brothers for experience, but I can just see how hard it must be.
Don't retaliate.
Just tell him all the benefits of being a girl, and all the disadvantages of being a boy.
You'd rather want a modest, cool brother than a haughty, pride-ego-headed brother.

The thing is, I can never sit down and talk to Logan. He just doesn't listen to common sense or anything. Literally, he doesn't listen to a word that comes out of my mouth most of the time. That, and he's always bouncing off the walls when I try to talk to him. Did I mention he's 10 and I find that lack of ability to focus on me for even a momment ridiculous? And, no, before anyone even mentions it - he does not have any time of mental disease. No ADD, autism, any of that.

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