What's Wrong With Me?

Posted by ariannacarle on 1:51 AM in , , , ,
I keep ending up crying for no reason tonight.
I'm shaking - from lack of sleep or something else, I'm not sure.
I feel like throwing everything out my window.
It's too hot in this house - but that's nothing new.
I can't focus my thoughts or attention on any one thing.
I'm confused.
Maybe I just need some sleep.
I hope that's the solution to my problem tonight.
I've never felt so out of control and lost before.
It's the most confusing thing ever.
And a bit scary, I'll admit....

I'm going to go try the one thing that's always helped before.
Music turned up so loud I can't hear a thing.
Notebook and pencil in front of me.
Sketchpad right there beside me. Letting my emotions out.
Into a productive, safe form.


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