A Very Odd Convo Indeed

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I was talking to my friend, Melanie over MSN. This is how the conversation went::::

A = Arianna
M = Melanie

M: I need 'nannas
A: ?? :O :/ :S
M: Potassium
A: Ah....I see
M: Goody
A: Wait, no I don't see!
M: Your blind?!
A: Ahhhh!!! I don't want to be blind!
M: Nooo!
A: Oh, wait. I'm not blind. Oppsies!
M: Yay!
A: Hahahahaha!
M: !!!!!
A: So why you need 'nannas?
M: I....don't know :O
A: Okay :)
M: Lolzers!
A: Peace out. Nighterz.
M: Yes, yes. Bye :D
*End chat as I logged off*


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