Caleb's Very Loud Party

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Caleb's birthday party was today. There were at least ten kids there, in our house. And let me tell you, that many kids + smallish house + candy and other sugary foods + party = worst thing EVER.
I now have a major headache, but since the party has been over for an hour now my headache is starting to go away.
Caleb and Logan are sleeping over at their friend Layne's house tonight. Me and CJ are about to cook some cheese sticks in the oven and maybe watch some movies and have a disco dance party. Lol.
Overall the party was okay, I guess. I just wish there weren't so many kids. And cookies. Ugh, too many cookies. I won't be able to look at cookies for a while...or at least untill tomorrow. Haha.
Off to go eat something. I'm starving!


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