Best Things Ever Invented...

Posted by ariannacarle on 10:55 PM in , ,
...in my opinion:

-iPod Nano
-Blackberry Curve
-The internet
-Animal Crackers
-Coca Cola
-Fashion magazines
-Ugg boots
-Lip gloss/stain/stick
-Chanel No. 5
-Text Slang
-Salt & Vinegar chips
-Horror movies
-Goldfish crackers
-Shag rugs
-Skinny jeans
-Cashmere blankets
-Shopping malls
-Louis Vuitton
-Chris Crocker
-Britney Spears
-Barack Obama
-Black nail polish
-Tank tops/tees
-Flip flops
-Summer vacation
-Birthday parties

(Sorry this list is so long. BTW, it may get longer if I decide to add some more stuff later)


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