Please, Please, Please (Begging!)

Posted by ariannacarle on 8:09 PM in , , , , , ,
I am begging anyone who reads this blog and isn't a follower to please follow.
For the followers to start commenting on the posts.
And also for the followers to try to get some more followers by getting word out about this blog.

I don't want to be posting for a few people who never comment, or maybe don't even read, this blog. It's pointless and a waste of my time somewhat.
I really want this blog to become kinda sucessful, so yes, I am begging for more followers, and for my followers to be active.

I don't know if I can give anyone who helps get more followers like a reward or something - but maybe I could mention you on this blog. So if we do get more followers I'll start posting the most active followers or the most helpful followers somewhere on this blog, either in a post or on the sidebar.


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