Just A Little Bit Like A Racist

Maybe it's just me, but I've always hated when people use words like ghetto as an insult to something/someone, or about something/someone - and I'm not even african american or anything like that. I'm american, part italian, and part german. I was reading a post on this blog: http://thehotandnotofsd.blogspot.com/ and came across a post using those exact words in the photo above.

I find it rude to use words such as gay, homosexual, lesbian, ghetto, and so on as insults because not only are you insulting whatever/whoever you just insulted, but everyone who lives in the ghetto, or is gay, or whatever else. It's rude, condesending, and makes it look like you have no respect for anyone from the ghetto and think that people in the ghetto are all horrible. I know of a lot of people that are famous these days that grew up in the ghetto. And a lot of my current friends live in ghetto places right now because of the way the economy is.

So, as I said. It's just rude to use certain things as insults and people should just stop doing it.


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