Good Morning To You, Night To Me

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So, I finally found the cord I needed to plug my Blackberry into my laptop. Logan accidentialy brought it downstairs with my laptop and laptop cord when I let him borrow my laptop yesterday.
Anywho, Its currently 3:50am my time. And I'm finally going to try to get some sleep since my mom might be going to the emergency room in a few hours, when my dad gets home from work - he work's nights - because she hasn't been feeling well for the past few weeks.
Once I get up in a few hours, if I even go to sleep, I'll post the pictures I wanted to post. For now you'll have to settle for the picture in this post. I just took that picture all of like 10 minutes ago. Haha! And be warned, I don't have any make-up on in that picture, because as I said I'm planning on going to sleep now so putting on make-up would have been a waste.
Yeah, I guess that's it really. Good morning to everyone who is in a place where it is morning, and good night to everyone who is in a place where it is night. And good night to moi, of course too. Lol.


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